Picture1Mr. Crockett has practiced law with Latham & Watkins from 1982 to the present, where he is an equity partner and a member of the firm’s Litigation Department and Environmental & Land Resources Department.

He has served on his firm’s management committees. When Latham & Watkins entered the internet age and deployed email and document management systems, Bob was there to make the key platform recommendations as a member of the firm’s Technology Committee.

A “Super Lawyer,” as named by The Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine in 2005 and 2009, Bob has had an unparalleled string of successes in his career as a trial and appellate lawyer. He’s handled large and small matters for clients. The subjects have included airline and hospital antitrust, eminent domain, intellectual property, environmental and land use, pipelines and power plants, airports and airframe manufacturers, real estate development, television networks, investment banking, professional sports and disputes between shareholders and partners.

Bob has served as litigation counsel for restaurant and hotel chains, an NFL team, investment bankers, pipeline companies, public utilities, power plant operators (including natural gas, solar and windfarm power plant developers) hospital chains, Burbank Airport, the Playa Vista Company, private schools and religious institutions. Bob has also represented individuals in probate disputes, shareholders’ rights and general business advice.

There are many different kinds of trials and appeals, and Bob has broad experience in them:   arbitrations; administrative proceedings; bench and jury trials in many different counties in California, federal courts around the country and in other state courts; petitions for writ of mandate; appeals and petitions for review and petitions for certiorari.

One recent example of the kind of work Bob has done can be seen in his defense of a major public utility in a San Joaquin Superior Court.  The utility sought to improve its natural gas delivery to San Francisco and proposed to lay a pipeline under the San Joaquin delta.  The delta today consists of many thousands of acres of farmland below the level of the San Joaquin River, kept dry by constant groundwater pumping and thousands of miles of protective levees maintained by various local public levee districts.   The levees need constant attention, as they sink an inch or more per year.  If a levee breaks, and they have, hundreds or thousands of acres of farmland may be flooded.   The local public levee district opposed the utility’s project on the theory that the pipelines would cause hydraulic fracturing of the levees.  Bob tried the case with a national levee expert responsible for advising the U.S. Army Corps of engineers in the reconstruction of the levees in New Orleans.  He cross-examined the levee district’s hydraulics and hydrogeology experts.  The utility obtained a defense verdict after two weeks and was able to proceed.

In another recent case, Bob obtained a settlement of many tens of millions of dollars for a property owner who owned property sitting in path of a new California freeway on Otay Mesa.

Bob is competitive in 50 and 100 mile ultrarun races. He has qualified twice for the Boston Marathon.  He has twice run the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim in under 14 hours.

Bob is a published legal author and published legal historian.