• Business ownership disputes:   partnership disputes; breach of fiduciary duty; minority shareholders’ rights; accounting; corporate control; departing partners/owners and trade secrets
  • Business contests:  antitrust, state and federal securities laws
  • Intellectual property:  television network agreements; internet publication rights; trade secrets on blogs; motion picture and television employment agreements; copyright infringement; Lanham Act; patent licenses and infringement
  • Eminent domain:  runway expansions; freeway expansions and offramps; environmental mitigation areas; airport air rights; roadway rights of way.
  • Public agencies: Bob has represented municipalities, a water company and an airport in planning and land use matters.
  • Trusts and estates:   Will contests, trust management, accounting
  • Environmental:  California Environmental Quality Act, National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Endangered Species Act, Migratory Bird Act, historic structures, DOGGR, RWQCB and more
  • Real property: Development rights; environmental challenges; government permits; appraisal and valuation; boundaries; title issues (quiet title; cancel instruments)
  • Agricultural: Waste, groundwater, water rights; mineral rights; pipelines and eminent domain
  • Government relations disputes:   Permit Streamlining Act, zoning, development agreements, specific plans, community plans, general plans, property tax; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permits
  • Personal injury:  Fires, explosion; mass tort; sexual assault, vehicle rollover; tire failure, chemical leaks; chemical tank collapse.  With small exception, we’ve done defense work only for self-insureds.

Tax Controversy

  • Local and state excise
  • Sales, use, and property tax
  • Unusual assessment litigation

Past experience: Challenge to a $300 million defense plant assessment; import/export clause challenge to sales tax on aircraft parts (resulting in published law); Hawaii general excise tax impost on hotel properties; property tax assessment of various airport properties (resulting in published law); IRS litigation involving minimum annual royalties tax shelter; represented the International Air Transport Association on airport tax; two law review articles on tax issues and more.


  • jury and bench trials
  • administrative law judges
  • administrative proceedings (obtaining permits and licenses, land use applications)
  • arbitrations (AAA, JAMS, international, private)
  • appearances in the courts of other states (with local support)
  • courts of appeal (state and federal) and state supreme courts (California and Nevada, the latter with local support)
  • criminal: environmental
  • land use permitting

Our Fees

Our fees vary with the type of case we handle.

Disclaimer:   This page does not offer any contractual promises.  Your engagement letter terms may and will vary.  Crockett & Associates accepts work only by (1) work we hustle, (2) referral from existing or former clients, or (3) referral from attorneys or judges we know.  It does not accept work on the basis of this page or this website, or from any sort of cold call.