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Crockett & Associates offers boutique litigation services in Los Angeles and Honolulu . Members of the firm include Bob Crockett with associates Courtney Vaudreuil and Chase Tajima and paralegals.

Bob Crockett and Courtney Vaudreuil formerly were affiliated with Latham & Watkins, where Bob practiced law for 32 years in the Litigation and Environmental Departments. Bob served on firm management committee. Chase Tajima is formerly associated with Chun Kerr LLP in Honolulu.

The firm has extensive trial experience in complex business matters. Crockett & Associates’ lawyers have represented a broad array of clients.

The firm has extensive experience with consultants, legal contractors, experts and investigators and can deliver the same kind of results and product one would expect from a large Los Angeles firm. Bob has had an outstanding success record, usually getting things done the hard way. The firm’s rates are highly competitive and far less than big firm rates in Los Angeles and New York.

DISCLAIMER: The only work the firm accepts is work referred from other attorneys or past or former clients of Bob’s.  This firm is not affiliated in any way with any of the other law firms mentioned in this website, including Latham & Watkins.

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