Drawing upon Crockett & Associates’ extensive transportation experience and eminent domain expertise in projects involving federal transportation funds, Crockett & Associates offers legal services to property owners in the path of the Honolulu High Capacity Transit Corridor Project.

image2Crockett & Associates is currently the lead eminent domain counsel for a major property owner in the underground light rail project in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, known as the Regional Connector Project. The project requires hiring engineers and appraisers.

Crockett & Associates also has extensive expertise with the National Environmental image1Policy Act (“NEPA”) and can challenge the project in federal district court under federal environmental laws.  Crockett & Associates offers representation to property owners on Oahu through its Hawaii-admitted attorney, Chase Tajima. Bob Crockett has handled very large eminent domain matters involving pipelines and airports.  At his prior international law firm, Latham & Watkins, Mr. Crockett represented Pacific Gas & Electric on all eminent domain matters during PG&E’s bankruptcy restructuring.  Crockett & Associates is uniquely qualified to analyze government engineering and budget reports, and to offer strategy based upon funding, appropriations and other actions of the government.

Mr. Crockett has much experience in Hawaii. Chase Tajima and Mr. Crockett worked together on a matter involving a dispute between the State of Hawaii and hotels on Maui. Mr. Crockett is a registered lobbyist with the Hawaii legislature. He has represented a Hawaii airline in an antitrust dispute against another Hawaii airline.

As eminent domain lawyers, Crockett & image3Associates can represent a property owner with in a wholly-contingent case, meaning that it pays all expenses in return for a share of the eminent domain award above the original offer from the government.  Crockett & Associates can also offer alternatives to a contingent case to maximize return for the property owner, including a partially contingent case or representation on an hourly rate.