Crockett & Associates handles complex business litigation.

Crockett & Associates is a firm of seven skilled business litigators. Mr. Crockett was a partner at Latham & Watkins until 2015. He left to form a litigation boutique in Valencia, California, a northern suburb of Los Angeles.

Mr. Crockett has extensive trial and appellate experience in many courts around the country. Mr. Crockett has tried dozens of cases for his business clients. The firm's lawyers have experience in constitutional law, intellectual property, antitrust, self-insured tort defense (wrongful death, severe injury, sexual assault), real estate development, eminent domain, entertainment, business organization disputes, bankruptcy, and more. We represent several major religious entities. We represent one of the west coast's largest hospital chains. We represent the nation's largest hotel REIT. We represent an undersea cable operator.

Three examples of the type of work we have done: First, we were asked to challenge the pending loss of accreditation of an Ohio religious college. The accreditor maintained there was insufficient academic freedom to warrant accreditation. Accreditation is managed by an act of Congress, but Congress has delegated the task to nine different non-profit entities. Without accreditation, a college's credits are not transferable, credits do not qualify for graduate programs elsewhere, and students do not qualify for federal aid. After several months of administrative action, we were able to turn the pending loss of accreditation around.

Second, in a jury trial in San Francisco, we were asked to defend a submarine cable layer and promoter against a New York lawyer who claimed a $20 to $40 million finders fee for securing funding for a fiber optic cable between Huntington Beach and Tokyo. Plaintiff's counsel was a prominent Texas firm. During a full jury trial, and before we put on our defense, we were able to persuade the judge to threaten the plaintiffs with dismissal. After agreeing to pay a very nominal settlement, the case was dismissed while the jury was sitting. A debrief of the jury indicated that more than half was prepared to award the plaintiff a significant sum.

Third, we recently completed an arbitration for a Russian developing luxury homes in Beverly Hills. His contractor sued him for non-payment, but our client alleged in return that the contractor was not competent. We obtained an $8 million award, where the contracts themselves were for less than $1.5 million. Our Zoom arbitration included witnesses from Russia and Italy.

Thompson Reuters, a legal publisher, named Mr. Crockett a "Super Lawyer" seven times, most recently for 2021. The California State Bar's magazine named Mr. Crockett a "Lawyer of the Year" in 2015 for work he did with the American Civil Liberties Union for immigrants' rights.

The firm offers quality attorneys at competitive rates. Three of our associates began their careers at Latham & Watkins. Our associates receive very generous employment agreements particularly geared to moms who are still raising children. We offer a health plan and a Firm-contributing 401k plan.

We are often pitted against the nation's very best firms. We are no strangers to intense conflict, difficult facts and law, as well as successful motion practice and mediation.

Disclaimers: The firm accepts engagement by referral only. We firmly and absolutely do not accept work merely because you like our website.

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Abby Sherman is admitted only to Utah and Colorado. Chase Tajima and Jackie Levien are also admitted to Hawaii.

We do not consult with Utah clients about Utah matters in office space we may maintain in Utah. We do not practice law in Utah. On occasion, our Hawaii-licensed attorneys may practice law in Hawaii.

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