Crockett & Associates handles complex business litigation.

The firm has grown to six highly qualified attorneys. We handle client matters around the country. We are located in Valencia, California, a suburb of northern Los Angeles County.

With his decades of experience, Bob Crockett handled many cases to trial for large companies, wealthy individuals and institutions. Thompson Reuters named Bob a “Super Lawyer” six times, most recently for 2020. The California State Bar’s magazine named Bob the “Lawyer of the Year” in 2015 for work he did with the American Civil Liberties Union for immigrant children. Clients trust Crockett & Associates for their complex work.

The firm accepts engagement by referral. What that means is that you must be referred to us by a member of the bar (somebody we know) or a current client. We never accept representation from a cold call. We will likely undertake extensive analysis before taking a case but representation does not begin unless there is a signed engagement letter.